The Author: Primadita Rahma

Taeyang girlfriend/Aziatix Eddie wife to be (yeah).

A simple girl who has a not-so-simple life (instead, who has?).

For the sake of graduation from her beloved university (she was sooo in love, that’s why she spent 4,5 years there –HAHA), she wrote a minor thesis about how foreign football players coping culture shock problem with intercultural communication.

One of the informant was Korean, and for her, the experience of dealing with Korean was very very challenging.

However, because of THAT thesis, she broke up with her 3,5years boyfriend has many new friends and gets a lot of new experiences. From learning Korean (and taught too, in Twitter), became a crew in a movie production: Tendangan dari Langit; worked as an assistant agent for football players agency; volunteered as social media buzzer for a football club, and many more.

DISCLAIMER: If you know her well, you know that she has some Korean football players as friends. BUT, this blog is not about the story of those Korean football players. It only inspired by them. 

This blog is dedicated for them AND all foreign football players who were once, and now working for Indonesia. This blog wants to make football supporters especially - and public generally - understand more about the meaning of sacrifice, struggle, acceptance, and appreciation; from the eyes of a Korean football player who working in Indonesia.

In short, for many people, perhaps it’s just a common minor thesis. For her, it’s a life-changing experience.    

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